WHO needs Finalloy?

Finalloy’s are Ideal for:

  1. Maintenance departments in small and medium companies who need to keep small quantities of few rods that cover their entire needs

  2. Speciality dealers & stockists who already supply other high quality consumables and can enhance their profits and credibility with their existing customers

  3. Speciality contractors to handle shut down or salvage, undertaking Weld Repair Services.

For the above, Small volume stocks can be sourced & shipped directly from stock points (quick shipping from Middle East and East Asia). However first we must understand your welding application and specific problem to recommend the best suitable product & weld procedure if specific CLICK HERE FOR ENQUIRY.


For the maintenance man - weld repair is different to production welding. There is no repetitive welding of same base metal everyday. The component could be of steel one day, cast iron the next day and tool steel the following day. In maintenance the metals are usually dirty, oily and often the exact analysis or the base metal is unknown

Practically every weld application is different for the maintenance man who must produce a reliable durable repair, far more than just a temporary weld; and for a wide variety of different base metals and situations.

Finalloy will be preferred by every maintenance welder because:

To see few of the recent repairs of Finalloy Users CLICK HERE