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Based on many man years of "on the job weld repair experience" the logic of Maintenance Welding is different when trying to repair components of "difficult to weld or unknown" base metals

This experience over decades has resulted in Specialised Alloys whose formulation differs from the technical logic of using a welding rod that matches the exact base metal composition.

This however is a very sound theory necessary for production & repetitive welding of virgin base metal used in mass production.

However when the same component and base metal has been subjected to years of heavy usage, environmental exposure to heat, vibration and oil soaking; its metallurgical structure is no longer the same as it was when commissioned in OE condition. So most base metal equivalent welding rods do work; till they - don’t!

Weld failure is therefore accepted as normal situation requiring replacement of the component. Weld repair is specially difficult when the base metal is old, unknown or contaminated.

Replacement would be logical if it is affordable & easily available on hand immediately. If not then Finalloy becomes the ideal solution!

Finalloy products are developed to be ideal & specific for critical usage by the maintenance man or repair contractor.

Finalloy welding alloys are exclusively engineered for Maintenance & the products within the range (covering almost all base metals) would not be economical for OE usage or where the need is for mass production on virgin base metal or for "just repetitive joining" usage.

For speciality needs where the weld joint must overcome operating & environmental conditions that go beyond the designed intent of the component or beyond the ideal productive life - Finalloy’s must be your "eyes closed" choice.

Finalloy Maintenance welding products are formulated with the addition of special alloys to develop proprietary core wire and chemicals within the flux coating that enable cleaning the base metal while welding & shielding the arc to give a crack free deposit within low amperage. Finalloys are manufactured by global leaders who are specialty manufacturers who focus on the research and development of only Maintenance welding alloys, and continually take in feedback and data from the 1000’s of critical weld repairs that are undertaken by repair contractors every year for last 15 years.

Our claim here is limited to our niche focus on Maintenance Welding.

are specially relevant when welding is intended to be more than a temporary repair